Mapping the Universe with Euclid


Percival, W. (2018). Mapping the Universe with Euclid. Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics. http://pirsa.org/18030079


Percival, Will. Mapping the Universe with Euclid. Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, Mar. 06, 2018, http://pirsa.org/18030079


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Will Percival University of Waterloo

Source Repository PIRSA
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In 2020 the European Space Agency (ESA) will launch the Euclid satellite mission. Euclid is an ESA medium class astronomy and astrophysics space mission, and will undertake a galaxy redshift survey over the redshift range 0.9 < z < 1.8, while simultaneously performing an imaging survey in both visible and near infrared bands. The complete survey will provide hundreds of thousands images and several tens of Petabytes of data. About 10 billion sources will be observed by Euclid out of which several tens of million galaxy redshifts will be measured and used to make galaxy clustering measurements. These observations will be used to help to understand Dark Energy, the physical mechanism causing the current acceleration in the expansion of the Universe.