Please note that this is a beta version of the SciVideos platform. The beta site is intended to provide a working prototype for the SciVideos meta-repository which will be further developed over the next three years by a coalition of scientific institutions and is generously funded by the Simons Institute.

This SciVideos beta site is still undergoing further feature development and continued testing.

The platform, its software and all content found on it are provided on an “as is” and “as available” basis. Members of, including Perimeter Institute and collaborating organizations, do not give any warranties, whether express or implied, as to the suitability or usability of the website, its software or any of its content.

Should you encounter any bugs, glitches, lack of functionality or other problems on the website, please let us know immediately so we can rectify these accordingly. Your help in this regard is greatly appreciated! You can write to us at this address


Use is website that acts as a search engine to find scientific talks that are hosted across a wide range of global, scientific institutions. SciVideos does not host the talks videos, but aggregates their meta-data (data describing scientific talks) into a single, searchable, and citable source to create a single source from which scientific talks can be searched and accessed. It is a pan-institution, distributed-yet-linked repository which is intended to dramatically increase access to leading-edge research, forge new connections among researchers and institutions, and uncover new connections between talks, publications, and ideas. The project will extend the reach of scientific talks to a global audience, empowering the global research community and accelerating the progress of science. SciVideos goal is to be a global research accelerator.

The default search bar is a general search tool that allows the user to search for any text entered across all the following metadata fields: Title, Abstract, Speaker Name(s), Subject, and Keywords. 

The default search offers a single filter (Subject) for convenience. The Subject filter allows the user to limit search results to talks in a specific scientific field by selecting a "Subject" from the dropdown list. The dropdown list displays a list of subjects and optionally sub-areas based on available talks. If a subject/area is missing, it is an indication that there are no talks in that area currently uploaded to SciVideos. The default value is "All Subjects" and does not filter the search results.

Further options/filters are available in the Advanced Search. See the taxonomy section for details on talk classification.

Advanced Search provides a number of data specific filters to further narrow search results. Remember that filters are used in combination (AND) and not as alternatives (OR) so using more than one value will only return results that match all of the specified criteria.

  • Search Terms: Add any keyword, text or name to help identify talks of interest
  • Subject: Add a subject/area to restrict talks to a specific scientific field/area
  • Talk Type: select from a list of talk types including conference, course, scientific series, public lecture, other
  • From and To Dates: Add dates to restrict results to include only those talks given within the data range specified


The talks list view includes the following columns and interactions:

  • Title: the talk title - click on the talk to be view the source repository video
  • Speaker: the speaker(s) featured in the talk - click on the speaker name to view a list of talks given by this speaker
  • Date: the date of the talk
  • Series/Collection: the series or collection (group, conference, year, etc.) to which the talk belongs - click on the Collection name to view other talks in that collection
  • Type: identifies whether the talk was given as part of a conference, course, scientific series, public lecture, or other context
  • Institution: the institution hosting the repository where this talk is stored
  • Repository: the video archive hosting this talk - click on the this name to view a description of the repository
  • Info: Talk details and abstract - click on the "i"con to see further information about the talk 


SciVideos supports a standard classification (taxonomy) based on that used by the as well as an optional institutional classifications schema in order to maintain existing institutionally specific. It also supports the use of keywords to allow further flexibility for categorizing and identifying talks. 

The SciVideos "Subject" field is a hierarchical field that can contain a multi-level taxonomy for scientific subjects and fields. This field shows SciVideos formal classification shema. This field only displays those scientific subjects and areas that have been mapped to talks currently uploaded to SciVideos. Expect to see this list expand to include Mathematics, Statistics, and other subjects as new talks are uploaded from new member institutions.

Support, Suggestions & Feedback

To contact us with inquiries, suggestion or feedback on the use of, the SciVideos project, or sharing your institution's talks and becoming a member, please complete and submit this contact form.