Gravity and Rapid Tunnelling


Copsey, K. (2011). Gravity and Rapid Tunnelling. Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics.


Copsey, Keith. Gravity and Rapid Tunnelling. Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, Aug. 24, 2011,


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I'll discuss my recent results (1108.2255) showing that, once gravity and some technical confusions are taken care of, two classes of potentials one expects to be generic in a landscape, namely ones resulting in thin-wall instantons or with small relative differences in potentials, result in instantons which typically decay rapidly, including exponentially enhanced rates for thin-wall instantons. I'll explain why this is true both generally and in detail and why the previous treatments have gone astray. This meeting will be designed to be a highly informal and interactive session to present these results in detail and address questions, confusions, and challenges of those, esp. cosmologists, with some level of background in tunnelling. I'll give a broader presentation of this material for a more general audience in the strings group meeting (Friday 11am, space room).