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Understanding causality is fundamental to science and inspires wide-ranging applications, yet there are several distinct notions of causation. Recently, there have been important developments on the role of causality in quantum physics, relativistic physics and their interplay. These have unearthed a plethora of fascinating open questions regarding the nature of causation, emergence of space-time structure and the limits of quantum information processing. At the same time, causal reasoning has become an important tool in machine learning and statistics, with applications ranging from big data to healthcare. This conference brings together experts from different areas of physics working on questions related to causality, as well as selected researchers who bridge the gap between fundamental research and current industrial applications. The aim of the conference is to provide a venue for cross-pollination of these ideas through scientific exchange between these communities. The conference will focus on the following facets of causality: 


• Quantum and classical causal inference

• Indefinite causal order and quantum reference frames

• Causality in quantum field theory and quantum gravity

• Experiments and applications of causality



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Prospective speakers will be invited to submit a paper for a contributed talk and/or a poster via the Call for Abstracts. The Call for Abstracts will open later this spring. Submissions for a talk will automatically be considered for a poster if not accepted for a talk. 

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Scientific Organizers:

Hlér Kristjánsson (Perimeter Institute & IQC)

V Vilasini (ETH Zürich & INRIA Grenoble)

Robert Spekkens (Perimeter Institute)

Lucien Hardy (Perimeter Institute)

Elie Wolfe (Perimeter Institute)

Jacopo Surace (Perimeter Institute) 


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