Career Trajectories Day

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What can you do with a Physics degree?  Plenty although the reality is that most people being trained in physics at the undergraduate graduate or even postdoctoral levels aren't aware of the broad spectrum of opportunities available to them.  The problem solving skills necessary to succeed in physics are sought after in a wide range of technology financial and industrial sectors. This day will bring together current students and postdocs in theoretical physics with former students who have found great success in a wide range of different areas from startups to big companies finance and even bestselling novels.  Many of them were affiliated with Perimeter Institute and chose their career paths over opportunities in academia.  Through a combination of talks and panel sessions this day will showcase the many career possibilities available to young physicists steps they can take to explore these options and how to avoid the inevitable pitfalls. Lunch will be provided and there will ample opportunities to ask questions and network.

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