Witnessing nonclassicality with measurement dependence.


Moreno, G. (2023). Witnessing nonclassicality with measurement dependence.. Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics. https://pirsa.org/23010111


Moreno, George. Witnessing nonclassicality with measurement dependence.. Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, Jan. 23, 2023, https://pirsa.org/23010111


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George Moreno Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte

Source Repository PIRSA


Nonclassicality, as witnessed by the incapacity of Classical Causal Theory (CCT) of explaining a system's behavior given its causal structure, come to be one of the hottest topics in Quantum Foundations over the last decades, a movement that was motivated both by its vast range of practical applications and by the powerful insights it provides about the rules of the quantum world. Among the many attempts at understanding/quantifying this phenomenon, we highlight the idea of inquiring how further would it be necessary to relax the causal structure associated with a given system in order to have its nonclassical behavior explained by CCT. More recently, we showed that the relaxation demanded to explain the behavior of a subset of variables in a given experiment may not be allowed by the embedding causal structure when considering the behavior of the remaining variables, which led to a new way of witnessing nonclassicality. In this seminar, we discuss a new way of quantifying this incompatibility and possible generalizations of this approach to different scenarios.

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