Recent developments in the SMEFT


Trott, M. (2016). Recent developments in the SMEFT. Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics. http://pirsa.org/16070070


Trott, Michael. Recent developments in the SMEFT. Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, Jul. 26, 2016, http://pirsa.org/16070070


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Michael Trott Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics

Source Repository PIRSA
Talk Type Scientific Series


With the discovery of a Higgs like boson at LHC in 2012, and the lack of any statistically significant evidence of physics beyond the Standard Model so far,
effective field theory techniques to incorporate LHC, and other lower energy data, into a coherent field theory framework are clearly of interest. Recently, technical and practical hurdles in the way of developing the paradigm of the Standard Model Effective Field Theory (SMEFT) have fallen and a coherent and systematic approach to treating the Standard Model (SM) as a truly general EFT when considering LHC data has emerged. I will discuss some recent results related to this developing appraoch, spanning SMEFT loop corrections, operator basis (or not) and a global analysis of particle physics data in a flavour symmetric version of the SMEFT, that has grown to incorporate a large swath of pre LHC data. The (somewhat surprising) results inform our expectation as to what sort of SM deviations can be found at LHC consistent with this framework.